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What We offer

Wide range of garden plants · Hardy plants for cold conditions · hedging plants · trees · Gardening advice

Shropshire plants

The best conditioned plants to face the elements, whatever the weather


A wide range of small to mid-height shrubs perfect for all gardens


We grow and retail local trees, the perfect addition for your home and garden

About us

Welcome to Lilyhurst Plant Centre

A traditional family run plant nursery retailing a wide selection of local pants, shrubs and trees suitable for growing in Shropshire and the surrounding area.

For a quarter of a century our beautiful four acre garden and nursery has continued to flourish.

We grow and retail a wide range of home-grown plants, shrubs and trees, together with offering the very best local horticultural advice from the type of plants to suit your soil to where to position them in your garden to give the best display. 

As we produce the plants we sell the range will vary depending on the weather, propagation success and sales level.

As gardeners ourselves, we understand the feeling of unbridled joy when you see your garden grow.

At Lilyhurst, we also believe you should not have to wait until the summer months for that grand display. We can advise and supply shrubs and trees which can give interest even in the coldest winter months.

All our plants are grown outdoors, meaning they are already acclimatised to the local growing conditions.

Advice is freely available on everything we grow and local delivery can be arranged.

Drop in and let us indulge your enthusiasm for creating a truly unique garden space. For that new border bring with you the basic measurements and we will help you select suitable plants, setting them out in the same size area on the nursery.

Our dedicated, green fingered, staff are serious about gardening.

The nursery is open daily all year from 9.00am to 6.00pm (11.00am to 5.00pm on Sunday) with a varied choice of plants and trees suitable for the changeable Shropshire weather.

We are located at the end of, what appears to be a private drive, on Lilyhurst Road between Sheriffhales and Lilleshall.

Shropshire plants

Here at Lilyhurst we are just as serious about supporting gardeners with great advice as we are in continually to supply the very best choice in local home-grown plants.

Our professionally trained horticulturalists will endeavour to answer your
gardening questions from the types of plants to suit your conditions to where to plants them in your garden for the best effect.

We grow and supply:

  • Garden shrubs

  • Herbaceous

  • Shade loving plants

  • Nursery Plants

  • Climbing and wall shrubs

  • Bedding plants

  • Vegetable plants

  • Refill your hanging baskets

  • And many more

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We grow a large variety of shrubs that will thrive in your garden.

Shrubs are an excellent low maintenance backbone to any border or gravelled space.

Our Shropshire grown plants can last for many years as by growing them outside all year around on our exposed site they are already acclimatised to the weather.

We grow and supply:

  • Small Shrubs

  • Medium Shrubs

  • Evergreen Shrubs

  • Hedging Shrubs

  • Ground cover Shrubs

  • And many more

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Along with our Shropshire grown shrubs we also grow a colourful range of trees.

We are always ready to help get you started by advising on where and what to plant and how to care for your tree, which we can deliver locally if needed.

We are always available once you have chosen the perfect tree for your garden, meaning you can rely on our friendly aftercare service
and support.

We grow:

  • Ornamental trees

  • Fruit trees

  • Small growing trees

  • Flowering trees

  • Trees for foliage colour

  • And many more

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